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Equal Pay Claims Proceed Following Tribunal Ruling

18 October 2016

An Employment Tribunal has found that Asda store employees can compare their pay and roles with warehouse employees. The ruling relates to a claim being brought by 7,000 Asda store employees who are paid less than the predominantly male warehouse employees for what they argue is like work.

enei chief executive Denise Keating told People Management:

“It is important to remember that whilst the Tribunal ruling has confirmed that store workers (both male and female) can compare their roles and pay to the primarily male warehouse workers, the courts have not yet found the comparison to be an equal one. The situation that Asda finds itself in is really a test case for the wider retail sector, where differences in pay and the gender balance of workforces in stores and warehouses are similar across the sector. The important question that has yet to be answered is whether the roles are of equal value.”

Read People Management's article here.

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