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enei Patron Calls On Employers To Broaden Attitudes To D&I

4 October 2016

enei Patron Lord Blunkett has said that widespread attitudinal change is needed at work and in wider society to move the D&I agenda forward. Speaking at the RES Forum Symposium 2016, Lord Blunkett said:

“People need to start thinking about others and the way that they would want to be treated. Try to envisage what will make things easier or more difficult – and what would be excruciatingly embarrassing,”

According to Lord Blunkett, D&I “isn’t a soft underbelly agenda – about doing something good out of morality – it’s a good economic agenda. It’s a hard-headed agenda for businesses around leadership skills and reinforcing team working, which are fundamental to people wanting to do their job, being engaged and contributing well.”

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