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Civil Service To Pilot New Standard Social Mobility Measures

23 August 2016

Following the recent engagement exercise the Cabinet Office has narrowed down the number of measures which are to be trialled by the Civil Service in evaluating social mobility to these 12, which will be collected anonymously through a voluntary socio-economic background survey of over 4,000 current senior civil servants.

  • whether the individual spent time in care
  • whether the individual ever had refugee or asylum status
  • whether the individual was a carer as a child
  • the type of secondary school the individual attended
  • the name of the school the individual attended
  • whether their parent, guardian or carer had completed a degree
  • the highest qualification of their parent, guardian or carer
  • the home postcode of the individual at age 14
  • whether the individual was eligible for free school meals
  • the occupation of their parent, guardian or carer
  • the tenure of the accommodation they lived in as a child
  • a self-assessment of their socio-economic background status

Following the pilot, a basket of 3 to 5 final measures will be announced by the end of 2016. Alongside the measures, guidance will be announced on how they can be used by employers.

Read the Government's release here.

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