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Engaging employees via strategic CSR

Event details

Date05 June 2013
Time09.45-13.00 (includes lunch)

enei Offices, 32-36 Loman Street, London SE1 0EH

Can CSR really motivate employees.... or is it a hygiene factor?

Learn how to capitalise on your corporate responsibility/sustainability strategies to enhance employee engagement! And on ways to better integrate HR and CR. This enei Master Class looks at the drivers of employee engagement and motivation. Based on recent research and case studies, we explore good practice in employee volunteering, equality and diversity policies etc. aligning employee values with HR and CR strategy. Linked to this some of the challenges around employee communications are explored, with a view to generating more meaningful results in your employee/people surveys.   

You will hear from leading experts and practitioners and will receive a guide to take away outlining ideas, good practice and research findings on this agenda.


£199+VAT – Core Members

£245+VAT – Associate, Foundation & Corporate Members

£375+VAT – Non Members


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