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Introduction to Diversity & Inclusion - MANCHESTER

Free seminar

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Date18 April 2013

DWF offices, 1 Scott Place, 2 Hardman Street, Manchester M3 3AA

The modern workforce is more diverse than ever and with current projections, this diversity is set to increase. Consider the following trends:

  • Over the last 10 years the UK has witnessed a significant rise in immigration with communities from Eastern Europe and African entering the UK workforce
  • More women than men are graduating from university, increasing the female pipeline
  • People are living longer and with the removal of the default retirement age, employers will be expected to consider how they include older workers
  • Other employees, such as those from a religious background and gay and lesbians expect to work in environments where they are respected for what they do inside work, not who others think they are outside of work

So we know that our workforces are increasing in diversity. We also know that an inclusive work culture is one where individuals can be themselves and where inclusive employers harness and nurture their diverse talent. But a question remains: Is this increase in diversity leading to an increase in inclusive working practices?

This question will form the basis of our free 2 hour interactive workshop. Drawing on the latest research, case studies and scenarios from leading employers the workshop will also explore:

  • Diversity & Inclusion: What’s the difference?
  • The role of unconscious bias and how majority and minority groups really interact, and the consequences for talent engagement, retention and business growth
  • The role of staff and management behaviours in creating exclusive / inclusive work environments

We will also provide you with some practical tips on how to harness and motivate your people and how to create an inclusive work culture.

Cost: Free


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